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Welcome to wilmingtonmartialarts.com!!  This is the website for the premier martial arts facility in the Wilmington area, the Cape Fear Martial Arts Center.  Since 1997 we have been providing the highest level of martial arts education in Wilmington, specializing in Hap Ki Do.  Martial Arts is the ultimate activity for developing oneself both physically and mentally.  Here at Cape Fear Martial Arts we pride ourselves on our dedication to teaching Hap Ki Do the way martial arts was meant to be taught, with a deep foundation in respect and discipline.  We are a traditional school which teaches both children and adults with an approach that is proven through the centuries to push students to maximize their physical skills, through mental discipline in an activity that is always fun and exciting.  If you are new to our school please take a few minutes to read the letter below and then browse our website to learn more about the activities available here at Cape Fear Martial Arts Center! 

Dear Visitors,

I want to take a moment to reflect on my experiences in Martial Arts and explain in my own words the importance of becoming a BLACK BELT.  The road to a Black Belt Life is quite possibly the most challenging and rewarding path which I have ever undertaken.  I say the path because that, not the Black Belt itself is both the challenge and the reward.  A Black Belt is merely the symbol of the path of dedication, focus, struggle and success that will shape a person into something more than they thought possible.  It is this path that you must embrace to truly become a Black Belt.  When you have made the conscious choice to become a Black Belt and put in the work you will:

  • Live with confidence and belief in yourself
  • Enjoy friendships based on respect and understanding of a common goal
  • Have the knowledge to live with health and longevity
  • Know not only how to follow but to LEAD
  • Exhibit focus and concentration through any distraction
  • Think with the calm mind necessary to solve problems under stress
  • Draw from an inexhaustible Inner Strength to overcome life's obstacles
  • Empower yourself with the creativity and drive to set and achieve higher goals in every area of your life

These are the real weapons of a Black Belt.  Armed with these weapons no challenge is too great to overcome, no problem to difficult to solve, and no achievement too fleeting to be enjoyed.  I know that all of this must sound amazing but I assure you that the reality is far better.  NOW is the time to start YOUR journey of understanding.  So join the family of Black Belts who all started where you are right now, and learn to see the world through the Eyes of a Black Belt.


                                                    Instructor Kevin Deane

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